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Valentine Ramble

“Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. ” - Voltaire

A fairytrail for Valentine Day...

Welcome to our Valentine Day Special!


Just like before, it's all about encouraging you to connect with the wild outside through folklore and story! We find it much easier to remember trees, plants and creatures when we learn about the folklore associated with them and listen to the myths, legends and fairytales in which they play a part!

That's why we want to share some more outdoor storying love with you this Valentine's Day - hoping that, as well as providing you with something fun to get up to, in the long term you might also find yourself recognising, identifying and understanding more of the outdoors than you ever did before!

This time round there's a little more magic involved alongside the tree, plant and creature spotting with spell weaving, traditional little rituals and several suggested stories and podcasts to curl up with at home or enjoy along the way - all love-linked and drawn from romantically entangled traditions!

This is a project that you can dip into whenever you feel like it - there's no time limit and no rules about where to start and how to do it. Let the trees and the tales guide you!


​For Bristol bods, we've created a new Valentine Ramble route around our local park (Victoria Park, Bristol).​ If that's you, then grab our new map (see red box/bottom of page), feel free to embellish it with cauldrons, creatures, wands, witches and the like...and, over the weekend, we challenge you to visit each of the trees, plants and creatures marked on the map!

If you aren't local to Victoria Park, Bristol - don't panic! You can still do this where you live! You might just need a little extra help from the fab free apps Flora Incognita and The Woodland Trust to check you've got the right trees and plants!

Keep in touch

We'd love to see the maps you make and some of you might even be brave enough to share them with your local area so others can enjoy an 'outdoor storying' adventure! Let us know how you get on and if you feel like creating your own 'Valentine Ramble' map for your local park or garden we'd love to hear all about it!

Click here to go to the full Fairytrails challenge!

How to complete the 'Valentine Ramble' challenge...


  1. Use the map and menu below to choose your focus.

  2. Click here to discover the LOVE linked folklore, spells and stories attached to each tree, plant or creature!

  3. Navigate to the spot and have a go at performing the spell / traditional ritual or retelling the tale!

The trees who secretly share the love!
Lady of the Woods
Little bits of unknown love folklore!
Rose folklore!
Figs and folktale!
Click here for our local 'Valentine Ramble' map. 
Click here for the free tree identification app Flora Incognita
Click here for the free
Woodland Trust app
Click here for Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic

 All plants, tree and creatures on the blog:

"Valentine Ramble"

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