“After nourishment, shelter and companionship,

stories are the thing we need most in the world.” 

– Philip Pullman

"Weaving words against a backdrop of spine-tingling soundscapes, Pridie performs folktales, fairytales, myths and long forgotten legends in a way that sweeps listeners into a world where anything could happen. Expect frequent sprinklings of humour and enthusiastic encouragement for all to take part!" 


Firing up far more regions of the brain than mere fact giving, stories are an crucial medium through which our confidence can grow, our emotions evolve, and we can attempt to make sense of the world that surrounds us. The ancient relationship that exists between story and place also provides us with a unique opportunity to encourage a much deeper engagement with language and literature. 

It's all about the word meets the wild in this energetic mix of interactive storytelling and inspiring outdoor environments; with the clear aim of empowering both young and old to step back into oral story sharing and enjoy all that accompanies this very special experience. 

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Totally obsessed with stories and spending half her life outside, Pridie Tiernan founded The Wild of the Words in early 2017, blending her two greatest passions in the world - the word and the wild


An experienced educator and outdoor adventurer, Pridie teaches and supports people from a wide variety of backgrounds - ranging from teenagers working towards tricky end of year exams, children who are home-educated, students studying English as an additional language, and adults seeking support with their language and literacy. Alongside this, her outdoor-inspired creative story-crafting workshops for kids continue to excite and inspire young storytellers, aspiring authors and reluctant readers alike! 

Whether it's tutoring or tale telling, the approach remains the same - quirky and creative, with plenty of fresh air and fun!

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