She Can Do Wild

A unique fire, food & folktale retreat

for women who want a little more outdoors in their lives!


Holly Perreau-Redfern

Holly has been teaching the art of cookery for the best half of a decade and delights in helping people redefine their relationship with food - whether that’s growing, preparing or eating it! Very much at ease in the outdoors, she's always keen to sleep under the stars, swim in rivers, and get cooking at the campfire with family and friends - she even got round to climbing Ben Nevis recently! 

An experienced educator and cookery tutor, Holly trained at Ashburton Cookery School, co-founded the Bristol Milk Shed Cafe and now teaches at a variety of sites across the city. 

Pridie Tiernan

Pridie is an unashamedly outdoor-obsessed educator and professional storyteller, with sixteen years experience teaching both in schools and out. When she isn’t tutoring students, running expeditions or sharing stories, you’ll find her reading fairy tales, foraging or off on an adventure in the family van with her husband, two girls and their black lab Brock!

A wild food and bushcraft enthusiast, Pridie is also a qualified teacher and Mountain Leader (MLTB accredited) committed to raising her kids with plenty of wonder tales and wild! 

In the summer of 2019, Pridie and Holly took a trip together up a mountain. One starry sleep and wild swim later, She Can do Wild was born. While they were away, they decided that this experience they both so frequently enjoyed was too special for other busy women to miss. An idea took form - to enable as many women as possible to share these very special experiences; to gently re-build their confidence in the outdoors and rekindle their relationship with the wild so that they can confidently explore more of the natural world and rediscover themselves in doing so!

What's it all about?

We invite you to join us for a very special outdoor experience - a brilliant blend of guided walks, woodland cookery and spell-binding storytelling...

With four young children between us we know how hard it can be to find time for the wild in the chaos of twenty-first century womanhood.


That’s why we focus on supporting women to gently reconnect with the natural world; rebuilding confidence by providing a variety of practical and empowering outdoor experiences ​in a sensitive and supported way - think gentle story walks where we teach you to read the space you are exploring, campfire cooking that excites and delights with delicious new ideas, creative crafting that provides time to reflect and recharge, and lantern-lit storytelling beneath starry skies when it’s time to lie back and be still. All this with like-minded women who are keen to invite a little more wild into their lives! 

While we’ll be sharing our outdoor know-how, this isn’t about hardcore bushcraft. It’s not a question of survival and there’s no competition, no judgement, no pressure to do anything you don’t yet feel ready to do. She Can Do Wild is about taking time for yourself in the company of others who have also pressed the pause button. It’s about being outside; listening, learning, contributing if you feel able, sharing, talking and supporting if it feels right. It’s about briefly releasing yourself from the demands of family life, moving bravely beyond your ‘normal’ and stepping back into the wild with us.


We want to inspire and empower you - re-kindling your relationship with the Great Outdoors. Come rest, recharge and rediscover all the gifts that time outside provides!

See below, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for plenty more exciting details about our unique fire, food & folktale retreat for women; including dates, prices, how to book and more on the delicious fore-cooked food, guided story walks across stunning countryside, creative crafting and spellbinding storytelling that can be enjoyed during your stay with us!

Please be aware that ticket numbers are strictly limited, so do book early to avoid disappointment!

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"Everything felt so relaxed and inclusive - really accessible for everyone."

— Aug '20


— Aug '20

"The food was absolutely amazing - loved it all!  All the effort and little touches were really appreciated too!"

— Aug '20


"Hanging out and chatting whilst making my grass mat was really therapeutic."

— Aug '20


"The singing and storytelling were so immersive, just excellent!"


"I really enjoyed the  walk - all the variety encountered along the way and those super tips and tricks you taught us!"

— Aug '20


"I really loved sleeping out under the stars!

It was reassuring to know the bell tent was there - so lovely and cosy - if needed!"

— Aug '20

SATURDAY 1st MAY 2021 (10:00) -

SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER (16:00)

We are extremely excited to announce that we have the date for our next She Can Do Wild event! In keeping with our small and intimate group size policy and to continue keeping everyone safe, only eight tickets will be available for purchase. 


So, if you are keen to share some fire, food and folktales this Beltane with women who want a little more wild on their lives - book now to avoid disappointment!

This SCDW event will be taking place in beautiful Herefordshire at the stunning Growan retreat site.

Our plan is to run four retreats next year, so keep an eye out for future dates!

Looking for a special experience you can gift this Christmas?

We are offering our very own gift vouchers this year from £50 up to the full ticket price.

All vouchers are valid for 12 months but can be renewed /a full refund can be provided, if you are unable to make the dates on offer next year. 

Get in touch if you would like more information about our vouchers or the retreats themselves!

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