“After nourishment, shelter and companionship,

stories are the thing we need most in the world.” 

– Philip Pullman

"Weaving words against a backdrop of spine-tingling soundscapes, Pridie performs folktales, fairytales, myths and long forgotten legends in a way that sweeps listeners into a world where anything could happen. Expect frequent sprinklings of humour and enthusiastic encouragement for all to take part!" 2019


Pridie is an experienced educator and professional storyteller based in Bristol. Totally obsessed with story and spending half her life outside, she established The Wild of the Words  - a blending of interactive storytelling with inspiring outdoor environments - with the aim of encouraging and empowering others to step back into oral story sharing and enjoy everything that accompanies this very special experience. 


As well as being a solo performer, Pridie also works collaboratively with an eclectic mix of musicians, outdoor experts, filmmakers and chefs to create a variety of wild and wordy events for all. 

Her interactive and outdoor inspired storytelling sessions, performances and workshops cover a wide range of audiences, experiences and event spaces - from the telling of tales with children six months old to sixthform, storytelling in schools and professional development training for educators, to the creation of bespoke food and folktale evenings, collaboration on city-wide community events and performances at festivals across the country. 


Pridie continues to work in education alongside her storytelling - teaching English language and literature to children and adults of all ages and working in schools as both a coach and literacy consultant. Her love of the subject translates into every aspect of her work with comments such as 'her passion is infectious' and "she casts a magic spell' emphasising how her enthusiasm and engagement excites and inspires everyone she works with to explore story a little more for themselves. 

So whether it's tale telling or tutoring, the approach remains the same -

quirky and creative, with plenty of fresh air and fun!

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