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Folkcraft: A Wilder Life

A unique seasonal skills and storytelling workshop that shares

how we live with the land here at the farm. 


“Each season has its own bliss..." 

 Bernard Kelvin Clive

It's easy to feel disconnected from our natural world  - we spend a lot of time in indoor environments that encourage us to accidentally forget about what’s happening in nature. The less we interact with the natural world - the more detached we can feel. 

Living a little more seasonally, engaging in simple outdoor practices and tuning in to the folklore and stories of our plants, trees and creatures, can offer us an opportunity to rekindle that relationship with nature.  And that's exactly what my 'Wilder Life' workshops are all about!

Living in a way that is consciously connected to the seasons teaches us to appreciate and embrace the natural rhythms and changes in nature, and in ourselves. Here at Cwmffrwd Farm in the Welsh Black Mountains, it’s important to know what is happening in the natural world around us so the wildflower meadows are grazed, the new hedgerows are tended, the crops are planted and the wild plants harvested, at just the right times. Different points of the year are particularly significant for us and we mark and celebrate these moments with creative practices that bring us all together. 

We invite you to join us for one of our 'Wilder Life' workshops at the farm. Spend time with us as we share seasonal practices that range from the gathering of wild food to crafting with foraged materials. During the day, we'll also take a moment to mark the seasonal change, share outdoor skills that include making and cooking on fire and the use of sharp-edged tools, and weave a web of fascinating folklore and stories around everything we do to help you remember it all!

​These workshops are designed to boost your confidence outdoors and deepen your understanding of how folk before us connected with the natural world. They invite you to make that world a much bigger part if your life - offering not just a chance to relax, rewild and rejuvenate yourself and develop a new set of outdoor skills,  but also the opportunity to feel much better connected with the natural world forever after!

Please note that no previous experience of any of the above is required.

This day course includes an introduction to the following:

Plant & tree identification

Seasonal foraging

Wild crafting such as making whittling and cordage

Natural navigation techniques 

Using tools outdoors including axe, knife & saw 

Fire lighting, types of fires & basic campfire cooking

The folklore and stories of the trees, plants & creatures encountered


As well as...

A guided low-level 2/3 hour walk around the nearby the farm

A delicious vegan supper cooked on the campfire The option to camp overnight on the Friday and Saturday at Cwmffrwd Farm Campsite at no extra charge (the farm is in a Dark Sky Reserve and is perfect for stargazing!) 

Bell tents are available to book, as is the Hayloft - please click here for more info.

Please note that participants are asked to bring their own lunch to eat on our afternoon walk, and will need to bring their own camping equipment if staying overnight. 

Practical information:

  • Workshops scheduled for 24th June, 2nd September 2023

  • Workshop starts Saturday at 10.30am 

  • Workshop ends Saturday at 8pm

  • 16yrs+ welcome (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

  •  Toilets are available on site

  •  Supper is provided, please bring light lunch to eat while walking

  •  Bring your own camping equipment if staying on Friday and/or Saturday night - more information about campsite facilities can be found here.

  • Complimentary camping is for participating guests only.


Prices and booking information:

Maximum group size: 8

Standard ticket 16+: £130 

Early bird ticket: £110 (four tickets available per event)

Tickets can be purchased here.

Your host:
Pridie Tiernan


An experienced educator and bushcraft instructor, Pridie is also a professional performance storyteller and qualified mountain guide. 

"My work centres around supporting others to gently reconnect with the natural world; building confidence by providing a variety of practical and empowering outdoor experiences ​in a sensitive and supported way - with story at the heart of it all. 

It’s all about being outside; listening, learning, contributing if you feel able, sharing, talking and supporting if it feels right. There's no pressure to produce anything epic - it's all about letting the stories and experiences lead you towards a stronger understanding of the natural world around you."





I have been enthusing for the past 48 hours about how brilliant the session was... my dad was trained as a woodwork teacher back in the day and he was extremely impressed to see the woodcraft skills... I am very proud of my butter knife & already ordered a whittling book! 



Thank you so much. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Your knowledge is awesome! I wish I had the power of memory to match it. 

Such a lovely, informative,

grounding day :)



Thank you once again for a truly memorable day! Pridie is a master facilitator and a wondrous storyteller.


The whole thing just exceeded my expectations and hopes!!

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