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Our 5 favourite finds for outdoor-inspired literacy activities

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Now that the warm weather has really arrived, it's time to step outside and get wacky and wild! Read on for our five favourite finds this year when it comes to outdoor-inspired activities...

1. Check out the Woodland Trust website and look at their 'Nature Detectives' page. It's full of fab ideas for kids who want to get out and about. There are plenty of wild and wacky worksheets, colouring and craft ideas, and it's easy to search according to age range (1 - 6+) and season!

2. If you're into sand and surf this summer, then keep a eye out on the beach for pebbles that will make perfect story stones! Once found, all you need is a set of brightly coloured pens (and permanent markers for your grown-up to draw outlines / letters for you) and you're away!

3. Lots of you will be camping this summer and so you'll be sitting around the campfire at some point. Why not learn some poems to recite after sausages - try out some Edward Lear and take along some quirky props if you want to get everyone involved! We particularly like it when the grown-ups lead the poem and the little ones shout out the last word of every line!

4. While we're talking about telling tales around the campfire, why not have a go at re-telling some simple stories when you're next out on a picnic. We use a fab website called 'Storynory' (you might have seen our post about how it makes those long journeys in the car so much easier) to learn our stories. Once you've listened a few times, you'll find you can remember enough to retell your favourites around the fire! Try out the myths and legends section!

5. Last but not least - check out our best loved books for outdoor-inspired activities. You're certain to have a wild and wacky time outside with these!

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