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I don't know about you, but attempting to work with wild offspring howling, prowling and scrabbling about a forest of disorder (and frequent discontent) - feels, on occasion, stranger than a tale told by the Brothers Grimm! 


The solution? Some story-orientated escapism! Let's share stories to escape the strain of the day and provide a TOTAL DISTRACTION from all things virus-like!


I invite you to enjoy these twenty four simple storytelling sessions below. It's very simple - story is a springboard for sharpening English skills! My aim to is provide an escape, some entertainment, a little bit of creative inspiration for further learning and some accidental education for everyone at home during these unusual times!

All filmed last Spring and Summer - in case you're wondering why it's so sunny!

Online Storytelling

The Story Blog

Age? Everyone! Four to forty and onwards! Afterwards, don't forget to visit The Story Blog above to grab some tips, links and suggestions about what to explore next!

Once upon a time...

The Tale of the Sun - A Saami Folktale

A Fijian Myth & Folktale from Guam

Cinderella - Roald Dahl's version

Vasilisa & the Magic Doll - A Slavic Story

Snow White & Rose Red

The Elder Tree Witch

The Snake Prince

Anansi & The Box of Stories

A Selkie Story

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Emrys & The Dragons

Hansel & Gretal - Michael Rosen's version

Bukolla the Magic Cow

The Sleeping Prince

The Blue Belt

How The Whale Got His Throat

The Giant's Causeway

The Merman

Thor's Wedding

Circe & Odysseus

Tam Lin

Little Red Riding Hood

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