Handy links to help you re-wild those words!

Educators are like magpies...constantly collecting fun, fresh and free tips, links and resources to share with our students - read on for our favourite finds this year when it comes to teaching literacy in a wild-er, wackier way!

Check out The Story Blog above for tips, links and suggestions for story-inspired activities, and find further links below...

Creative storytelling activities for Early Years



Breaking gender boundaries




Tales for travelling

www.storynory.com (Free audio stories great for travelling about with kids in the car!)

Breaking racial boundaries




Book recommendations




Further reading on the Arthurian Legends (and other classic stories)

The Tales of King Arthur' by Usborne Classics Retold provided me with the stories in a nutshell, and the 'Usborne Illustrated Tales of King Arthur' is also a beautiful book - I've popped the links below. A huge range of stories are actually available in the 'Retold' series from Jason and the Argonauts to the Canterbury Tales!

The more confident reader might like to try out Michael Morpurgo's 'Arthur: High King of Britain' and graphic novel enthusiasts might also like 'The Adventures of King Arthur' (Usborne Graphic Legends)

Out littlest knights yesterday might be interested in the 'Muppet King Arthur' - a graphic novel that recounts the fantastic quest of King Arthur and his Muppets of the Round Table!

Don't feel left out though grown-ups! Bernard Cornwall has written a trilogy based on Arthur, and I've just come across 'Queen of Camelot' which tells the Arthurian myths from the perspective of Guinevere - apparently compelling and well written...so I'm going to give it a try!



Online stories


Supporting young readers and writers


Music to tell tales to...



A list of free printable books for children or people who are learning to read English:

(Contributed very kindly by Elouise Hoover!)


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