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Quotation Marks

Dan sees what's in the tree, before he even begins.

The man works magic with the wood he so carefully selects and it's a joy to have his pieces in your home.

Quotation Marks

Dan Wightman

“To enter a wood is to pass into a different world in which we ourselves are transformed.” - Roger Deakin, Wildwood

Specialising in crafting exquisite furniture out of incredible trees, Cwmffrwd's resident woodsman Dan Wightman is a wizard with wood.

Contact Dan for more info about bespoke furniture orders and visit his shop at Cwmffrwd Farm to snap up some beautiful bargains!


Check out our event calendar for 2024 and come along to one of his workshops, offering the perfect opportunity ask him anything you want about felling, processing and working with trees. Dan will demonstrate some of the very many interesting things he gets up to here, including the use of chainsaws and an Alaskan mill. He'll also guide you in the creation of your very own masterpieces to take home!

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