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Reading The Green

Folklore & Foraging

The modern world still holds onto its magic...if we can attune ourselves to its enchantments

- Carolyne Larrington,

Hag: Forgotten Folktales Retold


​Pridie's Reading the Green is a unique nature-connection project that explores how narrative can powerfully animate the outdoor environment. There are several strands to the project - foraging and story walks, short films, podcasts and Fairytrails blog - and the focus is always on the special inter-connectivity that exists between story and nature. It's all about channelling the magic that comes when imagination meets exploration in the wild world outside!


Foraging & Story Walks

I run a large number of these throughout the year - open walks (up to 15 people on set dates, from £5pp) and private walks (up to six people on requested dates, £55) - and they are always an absolute pleasure to deliver.


This gentle storied walk, where folklore and folktales are woven into all aspects of the foraging experience, offers participants a unique way to re-introduce themselves to native grassland, woodland and hedgerow habitats. Ancient lore and stories make it much easier to recognise and identify native plants and trees, and the exciting assortment of practical bushcraft tips and weird and wacky facts about ancient remedies, plant magic and animal spirit medicine, make it even easier to remember!


Throughout the hour, participants will pick up some fascinating folklore, hear a number of ancient tales, forage and sample an array of edible foods available seasonally, learn which poisonous lookalikes to avoid, and find out about the importance of sustainable harvesting and conservation on future foraging adventures. 

Outdoor clothing and good sturdy boots are recommended on this medium grade walk, as the weather is changeable and the ground is uneven along the bridleways, hedgerows and open access mountain, with some steep inclines at points. 

Private bookings can be made at any time - please email Pridie by clicking here.

Details about open walk dates and our other workshops can be found here.

Please click here for walk booking details.



A few years back, I teamed up with Director of Photography Sarah Smither, freelance editor Valentina Riva and JS Productions to share the beauty of story walking with you. We hope that our short films will inspire people to get back in touch with nature and local landscapes through a special blend of walking and story.

Stepping out even when the weather is wild, our aim is to transport viewers to the beautiful outdoor spaces surrounding them - inviting them along on our favourite walks and breathing life into those landscapes through the stories and folklore to be found along the way. 

This is about the power that outdoor spaces and their stories have to heal, inspire and empower us all! 

To watch some of these videos, pop over to my Instagram feed.


Fairytrails Blog & Podcast

Inspired by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris's mission to "conjure back the near-lost magic and strangeness of the nature that surrounds us", my girls and I created 'Fairytrails'.

'Fairytrails' is all about creatively reconnecting with the wild outside; allowing the folklore and stories to animate our grassland, woodland and hedgerow habitats.


My clicking on a simple menu that features native plants, trees and creatures, you'll discover some fascinating folklore and stories, and enjoy having a go at some bushcraft activities. Pretty soon, you'll be reading the landscape confidently and creatively, reaching in for some practical interaction wherever possible! 

Click here to find Fairytrails.

My podcast is an extension of Fairytrails for adults (and kids if they fancy), in that it dives a little deeper into the folklore and stories I often mention on my story walks and find on the Fairytrails menu.

Click here to explore the podcast.


ALICIA, 2023

Pridie's story walks are such a great way to spend time connecting with nature, people and stories - she's reignited my love of the outdoors! So relaxing and so inspiring!


HOLLY, 2022

What a gorgeous and fascinating walk! As a mum, I love sharing  stories outdoors with my little ones. Your walks have given me so much to show and tell them when we next go out - all about the trees, the flowers... Perfect for helping us all re-connect with nature and the outdoors!



I remembered so many of the stories you'd told and really enjoyed sharing them with my family when we were out last week! Thank you so much for bringing the hedgerows to life!

Import info for story walk bookings:

For any booking you are able to reschedule for up to 12 months. Just contact me if you need to change your booking. If I am unable to run the walk , a full refund or option to reschedule will always be provided. If you wish to discuss your booking please contact me at any time. All walks take place from Cwmffrwd Farm Campsite, Brecon Beacons and I will send you directions at time of booking.

What you will need:

  • Appropriate walking clothing to keep you warm on the day (no jeans please!)

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Waterproof trousers

  • Spare warm layers (several thinner layers are more versatile than 1 thick)

  • Sturdy boots (some areas are rough and uneven so boots that go above the ankle, providing good ankle support, are recommended rather than low cut walking/trail shoes on most walks. Boots will also keep your feet drier than walking shoes in muddy areas). No trainers please!

  • Warm hat and gloves or sun hat if sunny

  • Food, drink and snacks for the walk

  • Personal first aid kit (for minor cuts, blisters, sun cream, pain relief and any personal medication)

  • Rucksack with waterproof liner/bag

  • Optional additions: gaiters and/or walking poles if you use them


Pridie is a professional storyteller based in Bristol. A self-confessed story obsessive, she performs and delivers workshops for all ages.


Her focus is on traditional folk and fairy tale narratives, myths and legends, and her love of the Great Outdoors means that every one of her events draws deeply from the wild outside!

A qualified teacher, Mountain Leader and bushcraft instructor, Pridie has also been leading groups in the outdoors since she was eighteen. She's a huge fan of the wild outside with a keen interest in all the flora and fauna it holds! (As well as sharing a story, watch out for the weird and wacky facts that she'll throw into the mix from practical bushcraft tips and ancient remedies to flower spells and animal spirit medicine!) 


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