Stories are for all...

“The belly craves food, she thinks, the tongue craves water, the heart craves love, and the mind craves stories.”

- David Mitchell, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet

Our latest projects...

She Can Do Wild

Fire, food & folktale retreats

for women

We invite you to join us for a very special experience - a brilliant blend of guided hike, woodland cookery and spell binding storytelling!

She Can Do Wild focuses on supporting women to gently reconnect with the natural world; rebuilding confidence by providing a variety of practical and empowering outdoor experiences ​in a sensitive and supported way - think relaxed woodland wanderings where we teach you to read the space you are exploring, campfire cooking that excites and delights with delicious new ideas, creative crafting that provides time to reflect and recharge, and lantern-lit storytelling beneath starry skies when it’s time to lie back and be still. All this with like-minded women who are keen to invite a little more wild into their lives! 

Being & Thyme

Health & well-bring workshops with art and storytelling

Step outdoors and enjoy art and a story with us at Redcatch Community Garden, Bristol. 

Here is a chance to get out and grab some much needed time with nature, and to enjoy art and stories that have been specially selected to soothe and inspire you!


Every path tells...

Story Walking

This year has been a tricky one but, as many of us have found, our walks outdoors have provided some respite from the anxiety and stress of Covid 19. 

Time spent exercising outside is great for both our physical and mental health - releasing that wonderful Oxytocin that reduces stress and boosts our moods. 

But what happens when you add a sprinkling of story to the whole outdoor experience? How about some folktales and folklore to exercise the mind and breathe new life into the landscape you are walking through?

Story Walks

I'm running another series of guided story walks this winter. If you are  looking for an unique way to experience the great outdoors, why not join me? The walks are gentle, taking only a couple of hours and while we wander I'll share folklore and stories connected with some of the trees, plants and creatures we encounter along the way, as well as tell some beautiful folktales that are specially selected relax, inspire and empower.

Gift vouchers are available here

Folktrails blog & podcast

Check out my November lockdown blog called 'Folktrails' where I share a story each week and lots of ideas about how to keep in touch with nature this month. Soon to also be a podcast - so watch this space!


Story walk films

I've teamed up with the Director of Photography Sarah Smither and freelance editor Valentina Riva to share the beauty of story walks to you this winter. We hope that our short films will inspire you outdoors even when the weather is wild, and also help make the stories to be found outdoors more accessible to those of us who have found it challenging to visit inspiring outside spaces this year.