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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

My four year old insists on listening to The Magic Faraway Tree whenever we drive anywhere at the moment. This is generally fine - give me a good bit of Enid Blyton any day.

It is not, however, ok when we have several hours of journey time stretching ahead of us and the grown ups are inwardly (and outwardly) groaning at the prospect of listening to this non-stop, without pause and loudly - "because the big road is noisy and we can't hear it so you need to turn it up!" We might love Kate Winslet (who happens to read this particular audio version), but we definitely don't love her that much.

So, last weekend, after we'd spent a good hour up our enchanted tree, then found out what the ladybird heard, trailed after the smartest giant in town and used up our entire supply of Nature's Babies, we found ourselves sat in the car doing a bit of quick, impromptu (and slightly desperate) research on the mobile. And we discovered this...

We couldn't believe it! We had been convinced that we were going to have to fork out for Audible, yet we were delighted to discover that we could listen to lots of lovely stories from fairytales, myths and legends to other classic tales by authors like Dickens and Oscar Wilde - FOR FREE!

So, next time you are driving somewhere and you find that you have exhausted your current CD this, and enjoy some new and exciting stories from Storynory. That's if you can stay awake long enough, of course ;)

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