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What people say...

Brilliant, pacey, magical!

The children were entranced - you kept them totally engaged!

Wonderful - the children LOVED it and it was like training for me on how to tell/read a story.

The best storytelling session I have ever seen and I loved the adaptations for different year groups!

Two of our nurture group joined one of the sessions - both with targets around listening, maintaining calmness etc. They were so immersed in your magical storytelling that I was able to sit back and enjoy it too! When they rejoined the group, one of the retold the story to the rest of the children. He was wide-eyed and expressive as he dramatically told the tale, it was clear he had been captivated!

St Anne's Infant School, 2020

Truly magical - I was hooked from start to finish!

Freerangers Nursery Staff Training, 2020


You were totally magnificent, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I would love to work together again!

Castle Midford Farm Supper Club, 2019

Really good fun, great for a variety of ages which is sometimes hard to find in the holidays!

Cheryl, 2019

Pridie is a fantastic storyteller and her sessions never fail to be brilliant. It’s so unusual to find something with such as good balance of quiet listening and activity. The sessions are really creative. The perfect activity for the under 7s. I even booked Pridie to do a birthday party and the children loved it. Highly recommended.

Kelly, 2019

Our World Book Day workshops were fantastic! Thank you coming and bringing with you your amazing storytelling skills, imagination and ability to inspire our children!  All the children were really engaged including the EAL children and those who usually struggle to sit and listen! 

St Anne's Infants' School, 2019


Your workshop was amazing! Every child was engaged, enthused and thoroughly enjoyed it. The props, in conjunction with the music, really grabbed the children (and adults) attention and they were able to retell the story with confidence.  It fitted in so brilliantly with what we were learning in class, we couldn't have done it so well, thank you.

St Mary Redcliffe Primary, 2019

Pridie was amazing at my son’s 4th birthday party! It was so lovely that she came and met us prior to the party to talk about ideas, it meant that the whole thing felt much more personal for us and particularly my son. On the day the children (and grownups too) were totally engrossed in the story and games for the duration. My son has already asked if he can have Pridie at his next birthday.
Thanks so much!

Ali, 2019

Pridie recently ran a fantastic, enchanting session for my sons 5th birthday. Everyone, kids and parents loved it, he is now asking me to ask Pridie to his 6th birthday! Thank you!

Katie, 2018

A lovely morning spent creative story-crafting with my 2 boys aged 5 and 7.

They were both completely spellbound by Pridie's amazing tale telling skills! Magical! 

Hannah, 2018

Pridie told an empowering and inspirational story. It was wonderful to see how engaged , involved and happy the children and adults were as the story began and unfolded!

Victoria Park Primary School, 2018


What a wonderful and magical story workshop! We went last week and my two really enjoyed it. I did it too, a little escapism for all. Letting your imaginations run wild, in the nicest possibly way ever. Well done! Farrah, 2018


We joined a birthday celebration for 5 year old, and were instantly transported into magical land of wizards, dragons, fairies, princesses and knights! A wonderful mix of activities ranging from storytelling, crafts and music not to mention Pridie’s wonderfully engaging humour. Perhaps it will sound cliche, but there is something for everyone, including parents! Alicjia, 2018


We had an absolutely fantastic workshop with Pridie - my girls are aged 9 and 10 and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were excitable afterwards, buzzing with ideas for their stories. Pridie is so caring and enthusiastic that children feel inspired by her workshops and loved collaborating! Ideas and samples of their stories will be sent over! Susie, 2018


What a fantastic children’s birthday party this weekend! As a children’s Occupational Therapist I was so impressed with how you integrated sensory storytelling and games in the entertainment. The children were fully engaged and enjoyed every bit of it! Even I was engrossed and my senses aroused. I really liked the way you used the natural environment in a creative way with the children and had them exploring different materials from nature - swords from wood, crowns using the autumn leaves and all around a glowing (safe) campfire. Your storytelling abilities are tremendous, you gave me goose bumps! Getting the kids involved and using props and music really creates a wonderful atmosphere. The way you adapted to what the children were doing and incorporated this in your story was brilliant, it allowed the activities to flow and involve everyone. A joyful experience for all! 

Emily, Occupational Therapist, 2018


Pridie's energy and enthusiasm was amazing and encouraged all the children (and some parents!) to join in. Lots of happy smiling faces throughout and great food for thought on introducing children to creative story telling. We can't wait for the next one! Bekkie, 2018


Thanks so much Pridie – we loved your stuff!! Windmill Hill City Farm, 2018


Pridie has performed her sessions at our shop, Practically Perfect, several times now. I asked her after taking my own daughter to one, which she enthused about for days. I have found her workshops to be engaging for a broad age range for, as well as enticing children (and adults) to be creative and magical, she also entertains and educates. Pridie's sessions are well organised and well structured ensuring sustained interest throughout and her enthusiasm and energy means audiences are thoroughly captivated. I have had many customers ask about her next sessions and received positive feedback ever time as well as having enquiries from new patrons as word of mouth spreads. I have also found Pridie to be professional and dedicated and would not hesitate to engage her again or recommend her services to others.

Laura, Owner of Practically Perfect, 2018


Mummy, my brain is fizzing with ideas! Effie, Summer Club 2018

Thank you so much for creating such a great event for us! There was such a lovely, vibrant atmosphere in the library - everyone had so much fun.

One member of staff said that it was the best event we’ve ever had and one mum, who had brought along her young daughter and is a regular visitor to the library, said that they both loved it and that it was lovely to see so many children having a good time. Thanks again Pridie!

Bedminster Library, 2018

We really enjoyed the session we attended. The kids were drawn into the 'campfire' tales that sparked their imaginations. Props gathered from nature engaged all five senses. Some lovely ideas to go away and try at home too.

Alex (Violet's mum), 2018

We had an amazing birthday party organised by The Wild of the Words. Every single guest (age from 5 to 13!) had fun and an unforgettable experience being not only a storyteller but also a story character. Highly recommended if you are looking for a creative and inspiring activity; crafted and personalized to your child's needs!

Joanna (Tosia's mum), 2018


"The Wiggles and Squiggles story workshop we went to was really captivating and fun. Pridie used sound, smell and texture to enhance the story which was told dynamically and interactively. My 2 yr old loved smelling the woods and making her own squirrel puppet best of all."

Holly (Ivy's mum), 2017

"You've inspired our practitioners!"

"All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, thank you."

"Children that usually struggle to access literacy - could!"

Becket Hall Day Nursery and Pre-school, 2017

'Really interesting and lots of fun’ - Beth, YR9

 'Very cool!' – 10/10! - Matt, YR7

'Very enjoyable and definitely unique!’ - Quinn, YR9 

Students from Brimsham Green School, 2017

"Epic Party! Thanks, we loved it!" 

"The first thing my daughter said as we left was, 'Now that was fun Daddy, wasn't it!'" 

"Our daughter had an amazing time! She won't take her wolf mask off or stop howling :) She'll definitely sleep well tonight!" 

Parent feedback following birthday parties, 2017

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