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Storytime sessions for

children aged 6 months - 4 years and their carers

"Thank you so much for creating such a great event for us! There was such a lovely, vibrant atmosphere in the library - everyone had so much fun. One member of staff said that it was the best event we’ve ever had and one mum, who had brought along her young daughter and is a regular visitor to the library, said that they both loved it and that it was lovely to see so many children having a good time. Thanks again Pridie!"  Bedminster Library, 2018

"We really enjoyed the session we attended. The kids were drawn into the 'campfire' tales that sparked their imaginations. Props gathered from nature engaged all five senses. Some lovely ideas to go away and try at home too." Alex (Violet's mum), 2018


"The Wiggles and Squiggles story session we went to was really captivating and fun. Pridie used sound, smell and texture to enhance the story which was told dynamically and interactively. My two year old loved smelling the woods and making her own squirrel puppet best of all." Holly (Ivy's mum), 2017


Our storytime sessions for children aged 6 months to 4 years, focus on sharing some of the wildest and wackiest stories currently out there with little ones! Around our little (fake) fire, we'll start by telling one of our favourite tales and you can help us provide the sounds, sensations and silliness that really bring the characters and their adventures to life! Following this, we have some brilliant books to read together and we'll also create crafty, arty pieces that link with our stories and are built of materials fresh from the outdoors! So come along and help us work out who has stolen the three bear's porridge, meet Wendy the Wide Mouthed Frog, find out about Max's trick to tame the Wild Things, and discover just whose botty's blowing bubbles in our bubbling creek! 


Join us if...

  • You are looking to introduce your child to reading and writing in an exciting and refreshing way

  • You would like to kindle and feed their interest in storytelling

  • You are seeking a fresh and fun way to encourage them to stretch their imagination

  • You are keen to improve their confidence with reading via the sharing of new literary experiences

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