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Tom is an essential part of the Cwmffrwd home team - without him, we simply couldn't function. He's the hidden gem that cares for our trees, keeps our meadows in tip top health, maintains the farm and makes it possible for the whole thing to run smoothly. 

But, others want him for his expertise as well! 

If you are looking for an experienced and qualified tree surgeon, a professional groundsman and a meticulous handyman that makes sure all his work is done to the highest standard - this is him. 

Work carried out includes:


Climbing, pruning, felling, deadwooding, reductions, dismantling, processing, log splitting, hedge trimming

£150 - £200 a full day (9am-5pm)

Please note: Where two people are required for a section of the job, additional labour is charged at £100 a day, or £15 an hour.


Mowing, leaf blowing and removal, bed building, fence repair, garden fence installation, shed assembling, repair and decorating, vegetable bed building, strimming

£15 an hour


External and internal prep & painting, floor sanding, shelf installation, furniture assembling, repointing

£15 an hour

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