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Age 18 months - 11 years

"My brain is fizzing with ideas!" Effie, age 6 

Do you love listening to stories? Good at telling tall tales?

Are you looking for something a little wild-er and wackier to do this holiday?

We live and breathe stories

and love nothing better than to help children

explore the wild and wacky world

of their own imagination! 


Bend body and brain with literary trivia & outdoor inspired games!

Shape a story-telling set with a selection of wild and wacky materials!

Use the senses to sniff, scratch and sample some specially selected stories!

Curl up around the fire for a mix of fierce and funny folk tales!

Craft arty 'saga' stones for future story-telling!

Draft your very own imaginative manuscript!

Join us this July and August at The Rising Sun Community Pub for our super special summer storytelling sessions! Expect exciting, interactive storytelling sessions with an outdoorsy edge! Every Tuesday morning this summer holiday. Age guidance 2-11 years but all welcome! No prior experience needed, everything provided. Tickets coming soon!

Calling all small story lovers and tall tale tellers!

Our summer storytelling sessions are all about engaging with a great tale! We always start with some arty crafting of objects we are about to encounter in the tale of the day - all materials freshly sourced from The Great Outdoors! We then gather around our flame effect fire to enjoy a story accompanied by sounds and sensations that bring the characters and their adventures to life! There's plenty of dress up and duelling, dancing and laughing to enjoy and, once our story is over, we hand over to the real imagination experts who can spend time drawing their own characters and creatures and telling us all about the next exciting stage of the story! Expect a heady mix of ancient myth and modern magical stories. The only thing you need to bring - is a big imagination!


Q: What do our workshops involve?

A: It varies with every workshop but a general overview would be something like this:


TO WARM UP...Outdoor inspired games, performance warm ups and literary trivia challenges for a fun bit of body and brain bending!


THE MAIN EVENT...themed story-telling where we build a wild and wacky set, share folk tales around the fire and design our own tall tales with masks, pens, puppets, chalks and story stones. We'll then work on our own imaginative manuscripts and sharpen our story writing skills! The theme will change each week, ranging from classic myths and legends to the tall tales of Tolkien!


BEFORE WE down games and a chance to share our stories.

Q: How many children are there in a workshop?

A: We can accommodate about twenty little ones and their carers in the Wiggle & Squiggles workshop. Our Creative Story-crafting sessions work best with between 8-10 children. That way, everyone has a chance to share their stories and benefit from individual one-to-one guidance and support with their story spinning! 

Q: Do parents have to stay for the workshop?

A: Parents are not required to stay but they are, of course, very welcome do to so. When booking/on arrival, parents just need to complete a summer club form which provides all necessary details regarding workshop format, responsibilities etc. 


Q: Who will deliver the workshop?

A: Pridie delivers the workshops. For more information about Pridie's background, have a browse of our 'About' page.


Q: Are you insured?

A: In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong, we have public liability insurance.


Q: Are you DBS checked?

A: Yes


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