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 Outdoorsy Storytelling for Kids


Tell Me A Tale

Outdoor inspired storytelling sessions that bring mythical characters, creatures and quests fully to life! Age guidance 18 months to 8 years.


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Primary School

Wild Words

What better way to introduce and explore our rich literary heritage and oral storytelling tradition than through an exciting outdoor-inspired storytelling workshop?


Pridie's creative story-crafting workshops nurture and develop literacy skills by encouraging children to approach stories in a weird-er and wild-er sort of way!


Incorporating lots from the outdoors, her extra special storytelling sessions are all about engaging with a great tale! Accompanied by sounds and sensations that bring the characters and their adventures vividly to life, her workshops focus on inspiring the real imagination experts to dive wholeheartedly into creating their own improbable plots and fantastical characters within minutes of the 'happily ever after'!



Available to book all year round, happy in all indoor and outdoor spaces, book well in advance for World Book Day!


Secondary School

Re-wilding the Word

Pridie's outdoor inspired storytelling and creative story-crafting workshops for secondary students offer young people a fresh new perspective when it comes to experiencing literacy, language and literature.  Both aspiring authors and reluctant writers will discover plenty to engage and enthuse them as we set about sharpening story-crafting skills in this session for older students! 


Available to book all year round, happy in all indoor and outdoor spaces, book well in advance for World Book Day!

Early Years

Tangible Tales

An eclectic mix of sensory adventure, fireside folk tale and creative storycrafting - Pridie's interactive storytelling sessions for early years excite, inspire and breathe real life into learning for little ones! 



Birthdays & Weddings

Find our more about the bespoke party packages and special event sessions that Pridie can provide!  

Community Events


Special Occasions

An experienced educator and professional storyteller, Pridie performs and delivers workshops for all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Her focus is always on traditional folk and fairy tale narratives, myths and legends and every event draws deeply from the wild outside. 

As well as being a solo performer, Pridie also works collaboratively with local musicians, educators and forest school leaders to create a variety of exciting wild and wordy experiences! She also delivers training for nurseries and schools, and offers private English tuition to students of English Literature and Language.

What's it all about?

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Philip Pullman

Oral storytelling is one of the oldest and best loved cultural practices that continues to be relevant, even today in our media-saturated society. We are all storytellers - constantly telling tales to inform, entertain, inspire and connect with others.

For many years, I taught English in secondary schools and during that time I learnt that the best way to excite and inspire young people - whatever the topic - was by telling a tale! Not only that, but it became very clear that if words are combined with wild (in the form of the 'outdoor classroom') - magic happens! 

It's all about encouraging and empowering children and adults alike to reconnect with both the world outside and the stories to be encountered there; to provide for them a spoken word experience that stimulates learning and a deep appreciation of the special connection that exists between stories and the Great Outdoors

CPD Training for Educators


Whether you're keen to get fresh ideas for teaching literacy, language and literature, or looking to develop your existing curriculum with more outdoor inspired activities, Pridie works closely with schools to design CPD sessions that provide your staff with a whole heap of exciting and imaginative ideas to take back to their classrooms!


Perfect for practitioners seeking to teach in a slightly 'wild-er' way both inside and outside the classroom!

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