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"Who has smelled the woodsmoke at twilight,

who has seen the campfire burning,

who is quick to read the noises of the night?"

- Rudyard Kipling

Weaving words against a backdrop of spine-tingling soundscapes, Pridie performs folktales, fairytales, myths and long forgotten legends in a way that sweeps listeners into a world where anything could happen. Tales are told around the fire with a fresh and frequent sprinkling of humour and enthusiastic encouragement for all to take part! 2019

An experienced educator and professional storyteller obsessed with both fire and folktale, Pridie inspires us all to tell more tales. Her work is dedicated to empowering both young and old to step back into the world of oral story sharing and enjoy all that accompanies this special experience. She is a much sought after teacher of language, literature and creative story-crafting and works across the country with schools, festivals, families and businesses on a mission to bring more story into everyday life!

"Thank you so much for such a unique, delicious and truly magical evening! It was so much fun (and I am now entranced with Kay Neilsen!) 2019

"That was the business. You really hit the sweet spot there - a brilliant night!" 2019

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This September 25th, Pridie is collaborating with Castle Farm Midford ( and The Farm Camp ( to bring you Fire, Food and Folktales!

The Castle Farm team will be heading over to the most beautiful oasis of The Farm Camp to cook up a South Indian feast cooked over fire, for just 25 guests. Not only will there be delicious food to warm you all the way to your toes, you'll also be taking hot chai and dessert to the fire to where Pridie will be weaving words against a backdrop of spine-tingling soundscapes and sweeping listeners into a world of secrets, snakes and magical transformations! Expect a fresh and frequent sprinkling of humour and enthusiastic encouragement for all to take part!

As if all of that wasn't enough, Tim is offering an amazing deal for guests to stay the night in the cosiness of the luxury belltents and we're offering BYO drinkies - so all the more reason to book a bed!

Visit to find out more and for ticket link.




This winter, as a one off special event to celebrate all that is magic about meeting and eating together, storyteller Pridie Tiernan of The Wild of the Words is teaming up with the talented Holly Perreau-Redfern and Holly Oldfield on the 5th December to bring you...


'We Three Witches' - Harbingers of of Fire, Food and Folktale!


We'll be cooking up a cockle-warming storm for a select number of guests and serving up this exclusive experience in the unique setting of Roundwood Design's intimate and atmospheric studio at Bower Ashton Woodyard (just by Ashton Court).


Following a delicious three course meal, we'll sweep you into a world where mysterious beasts keep spellbinding secrets...telling an ancient tale in which love, loss and loyalty lead bewitchingly to freedom! (Expect a fresh and frequent sprinkling of humour and enthusiastic encouragement for all to take part!)


£35 per person, BYO.

Tickets limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

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