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Bespoke Birthday Parties 

& Special Occasion Sessions

"We were invited to a birthday celebration this weekend and were instantly transported into magical land of wizards, dragons, fairies, princesses and knights. We enjoyed a fabulous mix of activities ranging from storytelling, crafts and music not to mention Pridie’s wonderfully engaging humour. Perhaps it will sound cliche but there is something for everyone including parents!" (2018)

Our exciting and inspiring party packages and special event sessions provide an eclectic mix of sensory adventure, fireside folk tale and creative story-crafting, along with plenty of energetic outdoor inspired games and arty activities that prepare everyone for eating plenty of cake! All are built from scratch, centering around the favourite literary genre of the birthday boy/girl, and are carefully crafted to perfectly match your child's specific interests and personality. 

We love all outdoor spaces be it garden, barn, park or poly-tunnel, or have plenty of tricks to bring the wild inside should you wish to be indoors. Every birthday and budget is different and so we like to offer a choice and flexibility that ensures parents and children enjoy the perfect package. Contact us now to talk more about the special occasion session that would best suit you! 


Our party packages can be designed to include:

Magical amulet making

Bend body and brain with literary trivia / outdoor-inspired games

Interactive storytelling with audience participation and accompanying soundscape

Outdoor-inspired arty crafty activities inspired by our story e.g. Making wooden Excalibur swords, crafting parent scaring spiders, wand making, moulding magical creatures - all using a wide variety of natural materials freshly gathered from the Great Outdoors!

Saga-stone demonstration and collaborative storytelling​

Crafting own saga stones

Slate storyboarding

Creature and character creation - off the page and onto paper / into clay!

Writing imaginative manuscripts

Sharpening narrative skills for aspiring authors

Our special occasion sessions are designed from scratch! We work with you to select the perfect story and put together a workshop that you will love!

Costs may vary for sessions outside of the city. 

1 hour


Magical amulet making, interactive storytelling, 

story-inspired games / creative task

1 hour 30 minutes


Introductory crafting activity, interactive storytelling,

outdoor-inspired games / story-crafting with saga stones / 

slate-sketching / myth-mapping / creative crafting / writing imaginative manuscripts

2 hours


All of the above but we'll have time to enjoy more than one story!


Q: What do our Special Occasion/Bespoke Birthday sessions involve?
A: Pridie always visits you at home to discuss what sort of workshop you would like. On the actual day, she aims to arrive about an hour ahead of the start time to set up. The sessions are one to two hours long, and are carefully crafted to match the ages and interests of the children who will be there.

Q: What age children are your parties suitable for?
A: Pridie's story-crafting and creative writing sessions can be designed for children aged 3 to 14 years. The best thing to do is to get in contact and we can talk about what sort of session your child would like - who their favourite author is, what they love about the Great Outdoors, what kinds of activities would excite and inspire them on that special day etc!

Q: Will you come to our home or do we need to hire a venue?
A: Pridie is very happy to come to your home or to a venue you have hired. A garden isn't essential - we're good at bringing the wild inside! 

Q: How many children can we invite to our party?
A: Pridie's sessions work best with up to fifteen young children if just storytelling / up to ten older children who will want to also write (that way, everyone has a chance to share their stories and benefit from individual one-to-one guidance and support with their story spinning!) It's best to talk further about this when you first get in contact - for example, you might have a particular age range within the group or specific learning needs so numbers are definitely flexible!

Q: Who will deliver the workshop?
A: Pridie will deliver your workshop. She'll visit you beforehand to talk through how you would like to use the space you have arranged for the party and check that the design of the session is exactly right for you. For more information about Pridie's background, have a browse of our 'About' page.

Q: Where do you deliver your sessions?
A: Pridie is based in Bristol but are very happy to run sessions outside of the city. 

Q: What other kinds of occasion do you design sessions for?
A: Pridie offers sessions for weddings, corporate days and festivals. 

Q: Are you insured?
A: In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong, Pridie has public liability insurance.

Q: Are you DBS checked?
A: Yes

Q: Do you do party bags?

A: No, children leave our workshops with a variety of storytelling bits and bobs but we don't provide party bags. We do, however, have lots of tips to help you design party bags that are creative yet sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Q: Do you do invitations?

A: Yes, just give us a shout and we can email an invite template over to you to print out, complete and pass on to your guests!

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