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Outdoor storying for kids

Storytelling workshops for all ages

Do you know which gift the birch tree fairy brings, or how many worlds can be found in the ash tree?  Why should you never fall asleep under a hawthorn, and whose permission should you gain before gathering the elder tree's frothy flowers? Is there something more to that hare you spied in the meadow and on which mountain might you find the maker of dreams?


These are the kind of questions that are explored in my nature-based storytelling workshops - the perfect place to explore the magic of myths, legends, folklore and fairytales, and sharpen your skills while you're at it!

Workshops range from one hour to a full day and include the performance of a selection of nature-based folktales, an outdoor skill focus such as tree identification, fire lighting or whittling, and creative story-crafting.  


Each day / half day workshop is carefully tailored to engage pupils at exactly the right level in order to have maximum and immediate impact. I can design workshops that cater for a wide range of needs, including Special Educational Needs, Pupil Premium, Gifted & Talented, English as an Additional Language.  I can also provide additional resources and follow up tasks that teachers and parents can use if they wish. 


One hour to half/whole day packages and World Book Day bookings available (although get in touch fast - I tend to be booked up quite a bit ahead!) Price starts at £120 per hour and can vary according to group sizes, preparation/resourcing required and travel costs.

Example packages...

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