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Updated: Mar 31

EDUCATION INSPIRATION // Hello lovely lovers of all things story! With the world at war with Covid-19, I figured we might need some story-orientated inspiration and escapism.

Who fancies a frolic with folktales during these troubling times?

I'm going to get busy with some story based suggestions for all to enjoy - that's both little and big people - on a weekly basis. Every Monday & Wednesday (childcare and virus permitting), I will focus on a folktale and provide you with:

  • a 15 minute live streamed story-based session on Facebook (later uploaded to blog)

  • a basic bit of background blurb,

  • ideas about the activities you could do with the kids,

  • some story thoughts for that critical wine-time when the day is finally done for grownups!

The chaos of the Coronavirus has us all disorientated and disturbed. It certainly doesn't feel too far fetched to claim that my current reality - attempting to work with wild offspring howling, prowling and scrabbling about a forest of disorder (and frequent discontent) - feels stranger than a tale told by our Brothers Grimm.

So, how about we make time to talk through a tale each week? After all, these stories have often emerged from times of upheaval themselves - enduring through the roughest and toughest parts of human history. They may also, in their typically sneaky way, climb into our subconscious and assist us in dealing with the emotions of the current experience we're all living through...or maybe I'm getting just a little too psychoanalytic!

The plan

My plan is to blend a little bit of story with stuff that people can use to get creative (and possibly educated). And, no surprise, I'd love it if this could take place in the WILD, even if that means leaning out the window. (I'm hoping you might listen in the garden, re-tell the tale under a - badly in my case - built tipi, use outdoor-inspired materials to conjure creatively crafted characters with the kids...that kind of thing.)

Are you in?

Good, then let's all try to find some kind of calm in the solace of stories over the coming months as they provide an welcome escape from the strain of today's struggle and, most importantly, a TOTAL DISTRACTION from all things explicitly virus-like.

Have a little sample of STORY BLOG #1, and see what you think!

All the best!


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