Stories For Lockdown

Ancient tales often help us explore emotions and experiences through a more objective lens - containing universal struggle, solutions and a space in which we might contemplate ourselves and our anxieties in another dimension.

So why not join me as I share some stories that feel right for the current crisis?

Below, you'll find a series of little podcasts that focus on folktales about isolating, tucking up, exploring indoors and weathering the storm. I'm hoping that in sharing these stories, lights can be lit in the deep dark forest we find ourselves in and we can, perhaps, begin to find our bearings...

All music used in my podcasts is by the incredible Kai Engel, under the Creative Commons License. To listen to more of his music, visit

Podcast 1 Fire on the MountainStories for Lockdown
00:00 / 05:14
Podcast 2 - Elder Tree WitchStories for Lockdown
00:00 / 09:45
EXTRA: In Somerset dialect by Ross BrownStories for Lockdown
00:00 / 05:37
Podcast 3 - The Tale of the SunStories for Lockdown
00:00 / 16:58
Podcast 4 - The Horned WomenStories for Lockdown
00:00 / 10:55
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