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"If you are lucky enough to get Pridie as a tutor you will know that you could not find a more engaging, enthusiastic, brilliant teacher! She is so passionate about English and totally transformed my son`s interest in the subject. Her passion for the subject is infectious - she is fantastic!" 

Will's mum

What do I


All you need is a computer! After an initial (free) introductory video call to meet you and discuss your interests, learning style, strengths/anxieties about the subject, all our tutorials can take place via Zoom and using Google Documents.

How does tuition work?

Single tutorial sessions can be arranged, or you can book a regular slot over a longer period. Sessions are usually one hour long, although longer slots can also be booked.


All sessions are currently taking place online - don't worry if you are new to this, it's very easy and works just as effectively as visiting you in your home! 

How much does it cost?

Sessions cost £35 per hour. Tutees usually pay per session or at the end of each month. Payment can be made quickly and easily via bank transfer. We can discuss this in more detail ahead of your first session.

Is this for


It is a good idea to have a look at the testimonials on the website and hear what the sessions are like from students and parents themselves. The style of each tutorial varies according to the content to be covered. Pridie is extremely experienced in matching student interest with the current topic and she engages each individual pupil through lively alternative approaches and weirder, wackier ways of understanding texts and learning key skills.

English teaching


& private tuition

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Educator & storyteller

Pridie is a fully qualified English teacher experienced in delivering outstanding teaching to children aged 11-18 years. She teaches and supports students from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from pupils who are home-educated to those receiving specific learning support, studying English as an additional language and working towards their GCSE and A-Level language and literature exams. Her fast paced, friendly and fun sessions reinvigorate the curriculum in a way that revives interest and enthuses students; rebuilding their confidence and sharpening the skills they need to dramatically improve their grades!


To find out more about Pridie's background and experience, click here. 


A typical session...


Pridie sends you an invite to the Zoom meeting about fifteen minutes before the session. Once we've logged on and opened up our shared Google document, we're good to go! We'll start by having a brief chat about what you've been up to in English that week, any feedback you've received on work and any tasks or tests on the horizon. We'll then decide what our focus for the session will be that day and get straight to work! This could be anything from a lively debate about what makes the best story plot, to going over the section of Macbeth that you are currently studying in class or sharpening your persuasive writing skills with a careful examination of exemplars and some creative article crafting together...


Throughout the session, we'll share our screens and record our notes, discussion and exercises on our central Google document (this is also shared with parents so they can see what we've been focusing on and what we've got up to!) Being online means we have access to exam board specifications, past papers, mark-schemes and exemplars at the touch of a button, along with revision websites, relevant media and contextual detail appropriate to the task in hand.


If you are keen to continue your work after the session, Pridie will also advise families on appropriate textbooks and can provide planned activities to further support the work you want to do at home. 

If you'd like to know more about English tuition, get in touch below, letting Pridie know a little bit about the type of English tuition you are seeking - eg age, exam stage etc. Being able to work together online means that there is a greater degree of flexibility in our schedules now, so it is also helpful if you can give an indication of the time slots you would be looking for during the week. Pridie will be in touch soon to discuss your child's specific requirements in more detail so that future tutorial sessions can be carefully tailored to best suit your child's individual needs and - most importantly - their interests!  

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Pridie works with schools to support and inspire students who are struggling with literacy, language and literature. 


Please do get in touch if you would like to know more.

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