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Staying Covid-19 Secure

It matters a great deal to me that everyone I work with stays safe.

I am keeping a very close eye on government guidance and have done the following with regard to each of my workshops:

  • A full Covid-19 risk assessment that can be viewed below

  • Appropriate cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures will take place during every workshop

  • Steps have been taken to maintain a minimum 2m distance between myself and attendees during all workshops. The use of a microphone means that I am able to distance appropriately without compromising the audience's experience. Where people cannot keep 2m apart, I will work closely with the venue and host to ensure that at least 1m distance is observed and all the mitigating actions possible are taken to manage transmission risk. (Including advising that students who are sitting together are from the same bubble.)

  • Zoom workshops are available

Full Covid-19 risk assessment for storytelling workshops:

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