Pridie delivering a workshop in Bristol's Leigh Woods

CPD & Training
for educators & business 

As a communication tool, storytelling reigns supreme. It's engaging, it's inspiring and it's capable of moving people to make positive decisions and take constructive action. 

It's also a wonderful experience for everyone involved - touching us in ways that that other communications can't, and reaching deep into our hearts and minds. 

Stories are, as Tahir Shah reminds us in Arabian Nights, the "communal currency of humanity", and are definitely one of the most powerful ways to put ideas into the world today.

Contact Pridie to find out more about her Storytelling Workshops for Education and Business. Workshops include an introduction to oral storytelling, the science of storytelling, outdoor storywalking, active storytelling, exploration of technique and delivery, and support in crafting successful stories outside of the traditional genre. 

"We all absolutely loved your workshop. All feedback was brilliant, you really captured everyone's imagination, got our neurons firing and stoked the fires of existential dread. I can't think of a better Wednesday!" - Harriet, Mr B & Friends, 2021

"Such a great day, you gave such an inspiring workshop - it definitely had the team buzzing afterwards!" - Penny, The Woodland Trust, 2021

"It was an amazing morning – I even tried out a new approach on the call to a CEO of a company I have never met before and uncovered a lot about his passion for trees that meant I could offer him a few appealing ways to engage the rest of his board! Thank you so much. I am very excited by the reading list and think I may need to start a team library to get through all these! - Pip, The Woodland Trust, 2021